The Digital Age has changed all business rules. Anyone not prepared to meet new needs of these consumers will be at countdown to go out business. Because it is something new and emblematic, understanding strategy alone is not enough , but it is essential to know the multiple technological solutions and how each one of them can optimize your commercial channels. Topper Minds, through its specialists and senior market partners, possesses thorough knowledge of the new digital consumption behavior, with its own methodology of business planning and knowledge transfer, which together have significantly raised the level of performance for out customers. Our only goal is to extract maximum value from our customers' market opportunities by making use of vision, innovation and integration strategies of the most innovative digital initiatives.
We serve a limited number of clients to ensure that all projects have the senior quality level we offer. Fabrizzio Topper, founder.


We are specialists
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Fabrizzio Topper
CEO Founder
Entrepreneur, consultant and teacher, with more than 20 years acting as strategic planning of major brands and businesses. With a broad academic background in management, innovation and marketing, as well as specializations in applied neuroscience. He led more than 15 own business projects.
  • Operations Head

    José Paulo Motta

    operations head

    “A business manager with more than 15 years of experience in the areas of Finance, e-Commerce and New Businesses. Graduate in Business Administration from Insper. Specialized in Strategic and Financial Planning.

    He is currently a member of the Board of Directors of Direct Talk.

    He has solid experience in e-commerce, being responsible for the implementation and management of the first Premium fashion e-commerce of Brazil (e-closet) and Head of New Business of Itaro’s website, an innovative model in the automotive segment. He already participated as Speaker and Mentor of the E-commerce Brazil Forum in the editions of 2012 and 2015.

    He was Administrative and Financial Director of the Direct Group (Direct Talk, DTM, Scup), actively participating in the consolidation of companies in the Customer Service market.
    He passed through the Financial and Marketing areas of companies such as Credicard, GE Capital and Banco ibi.

    The training in Administration, together with Entrepreneurship Spirit and skills in the Commercial Relationship, have significantly expanded their business vision by including knowledge acquired in the Financial, Customer Service, E-commerce, and Retail markets.

    He has consolidated experience in Strategic, Financial and Operational Planning, as well as significant knowledge in the IT market.

  • Consultant

    Fabio Fialho


    “He is an executive, consultant and professor of digital market, with more than 16 years of experience in B2B&C’s digital business.”

    Director of E-commerce at ABComm, professor of Omnichannel and Logistics, he acts mainly in the entry of the industry into the Digital World.
    He structured projects for Unilever, Nestlé, PG, Pernod Ricard, Metalfrio, Diageo, 3M, Grupo DIA%, Semp TCL, L’Oréal, among other featured cases in Brazil.

    He has participated in numerous RFPs, and has helped structuring some RFIs with the industry in launching their BIDs.

  • Head of Strategy

    Roberto Atayde

    head of strategy

    “Executive in the areas of Communications, Marketing, Strategy, Planning, and Management and worked in large multinationals in Latin America and Europe”

    Startups specialist, created and implemented business strategies to accelerate their growth and development, idealizing process modeling by analyzing comprehensive perspectives and consumer behavior for both B2B and B2C markets. He created strategies for the development of new distribution channels, product positioning and communication for different market segments and industries. Based on the concepts of neurolinguistics programming (NLP), he was responsible for designing and implementing one of the most modern Latin American Briefing Centers. He has worked in Germany, developing projects for all regions of the world and providing consulting and support for major international projects. He has a degree in engineering with a specialization in business administration and an MBA in marketing and business finance.

  • Head Market Analysis

    Thiago Las Casas

    head market analysis

    “Administrator with 15 years of experience at the forefront of entrepreneurial projects of various complexities, MBA in Finance by BSP and post-graduate in People Management by Mackenzie. Specialized in financial modeling”

    Coordinator of Operations of American Arlines,New branch consultant at Thereza Perez, Manager of Maxwell Clinic, CFO of naturezzahumana communication group and Senior Financial Advisor of Maruxo & Topper.

    His training as an administrator generated opportunities in several segments, which significantly expanded his business vision by including knowledge acquired in digital Startups, Tourism, Health, Advertising and Events;

    Provided business consulting for big players, such as: JBS, Sephora, Gallerist, JáCotei, Camila Klein, Santana Textiles, Hirashima & Associates, Teresa Perez Tours, among others;

    In the management of the Maxwell Clinic, in Atibaia – SP, he was responsible for the 115% increase in hospital admissions in 12 months. He also advised on special productions for the first sales convention of SAP, Americas division, held in São Paulo

    He co-authored a book on Air Travel: and has already lectured in two editions of the event “Ecommerce Brazil Forum”

    He has consolidated experience in Financial Projections, People Management, Market Analysis, and risk analysis, as well as deep know-how in Customer Service.

  • Retail Executive

    Anselmo Brigantini

    Retail Executive


    “He’s been an executive in the areas of Retail, Marketing and Technology for over 20 years, developed strategies and planning for both On and Off channels, and managed them in large national and multinational companies, and run E-commerce and consulting companies for MPME.”

    He worked in the Telecommunications, Insurance and Financial markets, and in the latter he was a pioneer in the development of BI and Database Marketing for the application of statistical models of behavior and credit score and generation of leads for up and cross selling in the network agencies.

    In the startup of Brasil Telecom Celular, as head of the national operation, he developed strategy and managed his own sales and relationship channels, implementing the first customer flow metering system in stores in the segment, enabling the adoption of Integrated Results Management (360°), based on performance indicators of sales, financial, marketing, and people.

    At Motorola, he was an Interim Manager responsible for the warm up and startup of the operation of his own kiosks, promoting customers attraction through an integrated strategy of On and Off Communication, based on Geoanalysis.

    He was the executive responsible for Claro’s startup in the North of the country (AM and RR), consolidating its understanding of consumer culture and the entrepreneurial mindset of all major regions of the country.

    He also had significant experiences with companies such as Aon, where he was Superintendent of Marketing and Sales, GVT and Telefônica, acting as responsible for sales of products such as payTV and internet Fibra in the complex and crowded market of the capital of São Paulo and metropolitan region.

    He has a MBA in Business Management by ESPM and Computational Resources Management by Mackenzie. He is a corporate chronicler.

  • Customer Service

    Adriana Ortiz

    Customer Service

    “A manager with 15 years of experience in customer service, extensive experience in the e-commerce and new business markets. She has a MBA in Management and Engineering of Product and Services by USP, with Green Belt certification by the Vanzolini Foundation, good knowledge of human psychology and student of Logosophy.”

    Experience in the management of large teams and use of Administration and Statistics tools to identify causes of problems and parameterize information.

    She won the 1st place in the National Congress of Scientific Initiation (CONIC) with the research “Capital Structure and Risk: a study on the relationship between indebtedness and risk for publicly traded companies”.

    She worked for Connect Parts (Latin America’s leading auto parts e-commerce) as Relationship Manager and Strategic E-Commerce Operations and as a Customer Service Manager, managing a team of 60 people in 4 different departments.

    She worked as a businesswoman in the food business with her own brand development and as a High Income Manager at Itaú-Unibanco.

    A consultant specialized in processes of E-Commerce and Customer Service. Aware of technological solutions for the e-commerce market, she has advised large companies such as Zamboni, Salon Line, 00K and STR Eventos.

  • Branding Executive

    Patricia Daue

    branding executive


    “Executive in the areas of Marketing, Business, and HR. Postgraduate in Marketing by ESPM, Business Management by BSP, MBA in Strategic and Economic Management of Business by FGV and specialization in Leadership by FIA/USP. Specialist in Branding and Digital Communication”.

    With more than 15 years of experience, she held managerial positions in companies such as Telhanorte and Natura. Has actively participated in the development of a technology start-up for 9 years since the day-one, and has worked as a businesswoman for 3 years in digital communication and branding.

    A consultant specialized in Strategic Marketing, Branding, and Organizational Culture. She has worked in the direct sales segments, in the construction of the 3M’s first B2B2C online store, Swift brand e-commerce design, and development of branding projects from strategic marketing planning to brand design to the implementation and delivery of communication materials online and offline for several brands in various segments.

    Has a holistic view of business and great ability to implement departments and processes, implement marketing projects, incentive, loyalty and 360º communication.o.

  • e-Commerce Consultant

    Ricardo Piza

    e-commerce consultant

    “Consultant specialized in e-commerce, implemented B2B, B2C and B2B2C projects, developed within large retail and loyalty companies and incentive in the national market, among the main ones are: B2W, Magazine Luiza, LTM Group, Caixa, and Fiat.”

    Its “board view” allows you to maximize deployment speed, with a positive impact on the operation and efficiently navigating within all customer areas.

    Dedicated to studying and implementing innovations in its works and in line with its commercial and retail executive background, it looks for complex projects that amplify the possibilities in the national market. One of its last activities was the development of an e-commerce platform able to work with the stocks of the franchised stores and another one for national delivery. Enabling the opening of a new business model where the franchisee has only a stock, without the need to open a new point of sale.

  • Branding Scientist

    Marcos Freitas

    branding scientist

    “A professional with 7 years of experience ahead of branding planning projects for major national and international brands. With broad mastery of new engagement techniques and digital reputation analysis.”

    Graduated from ESPM/SP in Media Studies, with specialization in Branding by FGV, and Ecommerce and Digital Marketing Managers Course by ComSchool

    He participated in branding projects for the Boticário Group, O Boticário, The Beauty Box, Onofre, MPL Group, Luiza Barcelos, CSN, Corinthians, SaveMe, MoneyGuru, Citrosuco

    Digital communication planning projects for GRU Airport, Mercure Hotels, Invepar, SWIFT, Camila Klein, among others.

    Acted in some of the most prominent branding consultancy companies: HAVAS Design +, LEF Branding and then migrated to digital branding when he joined the Topperminds team.

  • Planning Scientist

    Karen Formagio

    planning scientist

    “Digital Marketing Consultant focused on developing strategies based on market research and consumer insights.”

    More than 10 years in the communication market, she started his career as a strategic service and project manager, dealing with customer expectations, managing demands, quality, and deadlines. She has already attended major brands such as TAM, O Boticário, Furby Brasil, Batavo, Vick, Ambev, Nickelodeon, Hasbro Brasil, Bunge among others.

    Her background as a customer service and project manager has added a lot in her career as a planning and marketing consultant, applying her knowledge and helping brands in the entertainment, music, beauty, health, esthetics, retail and e-commerce segments, always seeking to create the relationship between brands and the final public, taking care of language, communication and positioning.

    Today, besides being part of the team of consultants of Topper Minds, she also give lectures on Neuromarketing and is a curator in another 2 planning courses for the Media Education company.

  • Agile Methodology Expert

    Larissa Topper

    Agile methodology expert


    “A professional trained in International Relations by Paulista University, with great knowledge of implementation of Mindset Agile, SCRUM, and Design Thinking”.

    She participated as one of the leaders of the pilot project of implantation of Agile in RH Brasil of a multinational company of the technological branch, with the objective of modifying the Mindset and the way of work in all areas of the Board of Directors. The agile practices used in the pilot included: VSM, Kanban, Social Contract, Retrospective, Stand-Up, Showcase, Mood Marbles, organization in Squads and SCRUM;

    She has organized and conducted a full range of Agile workshops and initiatives, totaling more than 100 proven hours of dissemination of this methodology. She is certified as Agile Champion by IBM and as Ecommerce Manager by ComSchool. She currently works as a PMO for consulting projects, ensuring that they are aligned with the best international project management practices.



  • Planning Scientist

    Natália Rodrigues

    Planning Scientist


    “More than 6 years of experience in digital projects for brands in Brazil and abroad”.

    Graduated in Advertising and Propaganda at UFPE, with postgraduate studies in Market Management at ESPM, specialization in Planning at Miami Ad School and international studies in Chile and France.

    She participated in the elaboration of advertising campaigns and online and offline activations for brands like Nike, Google, TIM, Bradesco, and Eudora.

    Experienced in communication projects, innovation, development of digital platforms, elaboration of social content and market analysis, trend and consumer behavior.


  • Operation Consultant

    Juliana Marchi

    operation consultant

    “A professional with more than 10 years of experience in e-commerce and digital marketing, graduated in Media Studies – Multimedia at PUC SP in 2003, postgraduate in Marketing at City University London – London UK 2008 and in 2014 she took courses in the Commschool of ecommerce and digital Marketing Manager and Digital Marketing of high performance”

    She has extensive knowledge in the implementation and management of e-commerce operations and in the development of strategic, marketing and operational planning. She has worked in fashion and beauty, aesthetics, publishing, food, wine and nutrition.

    She has solid training and knowledge of e-commerce platforms Vtex, Magento, Jet E-commerce, and Rakuten; and the TOTVS, Erpflex and NOCP Protheus ERP systems.

    She has recently implemented important niche e-commerces for the Brazilian market, in companies specialized in gifts, clinical nutrition, multi-brand e-commerce beauty and aesthetics and nutrition marketplace.

    In her professional career she acted as Manager and Coordinator of e-commerce and digital marketing, consulting and advising on communication and marketing projects, attending and managing web projects and producing content. She worked in the following companies: E-Nutri, Best of Beauty, Emede-PlusCare Group, W-Key Comunicação e Marketing, LoveFruits e-commerce and digital marketing, Enoteca Fasano e-commerce, Zinga-web creation, Digital Magazine Nova Mulher and Cortez Editora.

  • Operation Consultant

    Felipe Ochiuto

    operation consultant

    “A manager with more than 13 years of experience in startups, ecommerce, marketing, performance, project management and supply chain, being 7 years in leadership positions and more than 50 implemented projects.”

    Management of omnichannel projects of retail, industry or services, with 360 degree scope, acting from the definition of Business Plan, implantation of the store (definition of platform, ERP, peripheral systems, definition of processes, and organization chart).

    Broad experience in media planning for branding and performance across channels such as search engines, social media, specialized portals, mass media, partners, affiliates, remarketing, influencers, partnerships, and marketing place.

    Management of individual projects and projects portfolio (PMO – Project Management Office) in several industries and companies such as B2W Inc., Gol Linhas Aéreas, Cinemark, Banco Mercedez Bens, Build a Bear, Global Taxi Aéreo, Centauro, Amissima, Gallerist, JBS-Swift, Soleah, LivStorm, and Camila Klein.

    Coordination of materials planning projects, Inventory, Logistics, Procurement, and MRO. Implantation of distribution centers for aeronautical and consumer stocks and deployment of freight forwarder Miami.

  • Business Management Consultant

    Estela Correia

    Business Management Consultant

    “A manager that studied in Mackenzie, with more than 15 years of experience in big companies, working in the Commercial, Products and Marketing areas, with a postgraduate degree in Managerial Training and an MBA in Business Management by FIA.”

    Experienced in project management, from scope definition, to team coordination, and implementation of products, systems and processes.

    Performance in the elaboration of organizational strategy to reach an established objective, with implantation of indicators and analysis of managerial information to evaluate the performance of the organization and to identify necessary improvements.

    Participation in the structuring of the franchise area of HSBC, responsible for offering the bank’s value to the sector and directing the sales team to increase sales and acquire new customers.

  • Financial Manager

    Gustavo Oliveira

    Financial Manager

    “Professional of Financial/Administrative Management and controllership, with more than 20 years of experience in IT companies, Startups, SP implementation consulting, Retail, Shopping Center, Metallurgy, and Chemistry and real estate consulting. As an Entrepreneur, he was a Financial Specialist for FECAP-SP, Accountant and graduated in Education/HR, Empretec (2015), and acted as a consultant in financial and adm./finance management and as was a university professor.”

    Experiences in contract management, commercial leasing, residential and sales, management and team building, department routines. Staff and HR. He participated in ERP (SAP, LINKS, Group, Conta Azul and others) and in internal and external auditing processes, works with strategic vision, aiming at internal processes and procedures adjustments, relationships with internal and external clients, fiscal management, taxation and accounting including the management of outsourced services and partners.

    His technical background and extensive training and experience combined with his focus on result-oriented, financial and administrative management, led him to a professional trajectory acting as support to the Board of Directors of companies, such as; Direct Talk Group (Technology), Brascan/Brookfield and Itausa (Shopping Center), Valdac Crawford/Siberian (Retail), Trust Addvisor (SAP consulting), Global Partners (CSC management), and others Metallurgical and Chemical Industries.



Topper Minds Consulting & Coaching

A strategic planning work, whether for innovation, management or structuring of a new project, requires a complete analysis cycle that supports the project with marketing and technical basis. Understanding this need and optimizing all the technical capacity of the team, we developed our own planning methodology.


Market analysis

One can only talk about what one understands, or it is all about guessing.


Scenario diagnosis

Data will then become information when
properly analyzed.


Strategic planning

For those who do not know where they want to go, anywhere is good.


Merchandising mix

Promises only make sense
when delivered.


Culture Reaffirmation

We enchant when empowered
to deliver our best.


Macro action plan

Only those who have a plan are
ready to engage.


Business ecosystem

A chain is as strong as
its weakest link.


Business coaching

The best are those who were able
to deliver more of themselves.


Strategic partners

After all, nobody gets
there alone


Financial projections

In the end, it's the bottom line
that matters the most


Results management

Because what cannot be
measured, cannot be improved



Plano de Negócio

Business Plan

There is no success in journeys in which the exit and destination point were not outlined. For any aspect of our lives, plans guide and strengthen us. However, a good plan needs knowledge and analysis depth to support.

And it is because we understand the responsibility involved in building the result of each business body that, unlike the common sense in the market, we carry out a complete market mapping, from macro to microeconomics and commercial context, we survey the risks and possibilities to clearly identify the competitive differentials for the entire marketing mix, whether in terms of operation, business model or marketing and sales.

What we seek through the studies is to identify what value proposition the business project offers to the market in which it is inserted and, thus, create business strategies based on digital innovation.

1. Market analysis
2. Scenario diagnosis
3. Strategic planning
4. Culture and branding adjustments
5. Macro action plan
6. Key business organization chart
7. Executive coaching
8. Strategic partners
9. Financial projections
10. Results management

6. Tactical deployment
7. Operational detail
8. Investment and return projections
9. Gauging and control systematics


Strategic Planning

Innovation, Omnichannel, Expansion and Positioning

The basic prerogative to reach new levels of revenue and market relevance lies in the ability of corporate bodies to sustain their value equation.

The question however is that each segment, region, niche and market context hold characteristic challenges and gaps of consumption and relationship to be identified in order to be well positioned in the next cycles. Business organizations need sustainable growth and this is only built by fully using their potential, and integrating it to the evolutionary demands of the market in which it operates. But from within the executive routine, seeing clearly and organizing with precedence is only possible with the support of oxygenated minds that are focused on the market board and already prepared to use the potential of the digital age to the maximum extent.

1. Market analysis
2. Innovation benchmark
3. Market compound
4. Brainstorm of insights
5. Strategic feasibility

6. Tactical deployment
7. Operational detail
8. Investment and return projections
9. Gauging and control systematics


Management Mentoring

Business management is always somewaht lonely and challenging. We are constantly forced to manage the increasingly complex demands of a market that is becoming more and more dependent on digital. How to define the next movement in a structured and not just reactive way? Which path to follow, copy, recreate, innovate or adjust? How to optimize the operation in parallel to market movements? How to prioritize investments and cuts in the current moment of my business? There are several questions in which only a debate among highly skilled professionals, both in technique and experience, together with qualified market data, can bring satisfactory answers with a real chance of success.

But how to maintain a senior team? How not to get lost in the day-by-day? How do you make time to look outside the business for insights? To answer these questions we have heard over the years we have created strategic mentoring that acts as a senior strategic support arm for monthly business counseling, in which the team monitors the market and sits with the managing body every month to discuss, define, and calibrate the business.

1. Segment analysis and monitoring
2. Competition analysis and monitoring
3. Analysis of results (KPIs)
4. Goal setting and strategy

5. Emergency action plan
6. Definition of goals and managers
7. Executive coaching and mentoring in deployment


Evolutionary Coach

life cycle & executive goals

Planning is a natural aspect of existence, but it implies being able to take responsibility for the unfolding of one's own life, whether it be the ones who prides themselves or those who wish for a different outcome. And it is for this reason that the coach is so powerful in its process of achieving objectives and achieving personal or professional goals, because, through advanced techniques of neurological programming, it is able to dispel limiting beliefs and empower the coachee of with all its potentiality to build new realities. Still, a good formulation of well-structured goals and action plans, backed up by the individual's own strengths, which, once accessed through skillful coaching, will allow the coachee to overcome itself to shape its much-desired personal achievements.

1. Mapping
2. Preparation
3. Empowerment
4. Goal setting
5. Planning

6. Deployment
7. Overcoming
8. Evaluation
9. Realization


A senior team mentored by Fabrizzio Topper whom, with more than 20 years of planning experience and dozens of entrepreneurship initiatives, directs and inspires new ways of thinking business in the Age of Digital Innovation.

With a wide and recognized technical capacity, Topper Minds professionals provide not only strategic vision, but also a well-known foundation of administration, neuroscience, marketing, technology, branding, processes, management and business coaching.

All the members have, besides a significant academic and management training, at national and international levels, a history of careers that is full of business successes and participations in many projects that became reference in their industry at the Brazilian market.

Fabrizzio Topper

CEO Founder

Especialista em planejamento empresarial e branding omnichannel:

Professor de Pesquisa de Mercado e Gestão de Marcas, na Universidade Anhembi Morumbi, e Branding e Planejamento Estratégico, na ComSchool.

Graduado em Design pela FAAP e pós graduado em Administração pela USF, Especializado em neurociência pela ESPM, Mestre em programação neurolinguística pela SBPNL e Master Coach Internacional pela ICI, com MBA internacional em marketing pela FGV e empreendedorismo pela Babson College.

20 anos de atuação no mercado de estratégia de marketing, negócios e branding. Empreendeu mais de 15 projetos empresariais. Sócio-fundador da agência Naturezzahumana e do Grupo ZZH. Fundador do maior projeto de mobilidade urbana digital da América Latina, o Bicicletando. Ocupou posições executivas na Convergys, Shoestock e Empório Beraldin.

Ao longo se sua carreira idealizou projetos importantes para grandes marcas, como:

Claro, Telefônica, Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, Promon, Serasa Experian, HBO e muitas outras.

Prestou consultoria de negócios para grandes players, como:

Camila Klein, JBS, Terra Zoo, Gallerist, Sephora, JáCotei, entre outras.



Henrique Almeida

Consultor de operações

“Especialista em operação de e-commerce, com mais de 10 anos de experiência. Possuí amplo “know how” em logística, marketing digital, usabilidade e atendimento 2.0, tanto em projetos de média, como de alta complexidade.”

Especialista em E-commerce e Marketing digital com mais de 10 anos de experiência. Atuou em projetos variados em empresas como Banco Real, Banco Bradesco, Bosch, Brastemp, Continental, CTBC, Doutores da Alegria, Instituto Hope, Meio & Mensagem, Nestlé, PowerBar, Shoestock e WebMotors. Foi sócio-diretor da Trendhouse Interactive atuando na gestão fullfillment de e-commerce de pequenas e médias empresas.

Atualmente é consultor nas empresas:
Adidas, Authentic Feet, Artwalk, Amissima, Ana Hickmann, Bom Gosto Enxovais, Camila Klein, Clikoff, Dolps, Electrolux, Gallerist, Leandrini, Lojas Mel, Moda Agora, Meu Amigo Pet, Millie Pet, Perfumaria Seiki, Piuka Acessórios, PneuX, ShoeBiz.

Palestrante no Congresso E-Commerce Brasil Operações & Gestão e no Fórum e-commerce Brasil 2015 sobre o tema : Planejamento e gestão de estoques: como reduzir estoques e rupturas, e aumentar a lucratividade.

Marcos Freitas

Cientista de Branding

“Profissional com 7 anos de experiência a frente de projetos de planejamento de branding para grandes marcas nacionais e internacionais. Com amplo domínio das novas técnicas de engajamento e análise de reputação digitais.”

Formado pela ESPM/SP em Comunicação Social, especialização em Branding pela FGV, Curso de Gerentes de Ecommerce e Marketing Digital pela ComSchool

Participou em projetos de branding para o Grupo Boticário, O Boticário, The Beauty Box, Onofre, Grupo MPL, Luiza Barcelos, CSN, Corinthians, SaveMe, MoneyGuru, Citrosuco

Projetos de planejamento de comunicação digital para GRU Airport, Hotéis Mercure, Invepar, SWIFT, Camila Klein, entre outros.

Atuou em algumas das mais proeminentes empresas de consultoria em branding: HAVAS Design +, LEF Branding e depois migrou para branding digital quando ingressou na equipe Topperminds.

Juliana D’Alcantara

Gestora de projetos

“Com mais de 20 anos de experiência em produção, organização e gestão de projetos de comunicação e marketing, se tornou especialista em administrar tarefas complexas em projetos especiais com foco em marketing e vendas.”

Tecnóloga em organização de ambientes empresariais de alta complexidade. Com especializações em marketing e produção de eventos.
Significativa experiência em atendimento e relacionamento com clientes, com vivência em ambientes corporativos de multinacionais e grandes empresas, agências de publicidade, comércio e varejo.

Amplo conhecimento nos processos que envolvem a produção e execução de ações de conteúdo digital, e também das ferramentas e tecnologias disponíveis neste mercado.

Gestão de equipe, distribuição de tarefas, alocação, controle de prazos e entregas. Facilidade em lidar e controlar situações diversas e inesperadas e solucionar imprevistos.

Intermediação entre cliente e equipe, elaboração de briefing, levantamento de necessidades, cronogramas e gestão de informações de projetos complexos.

José Paulo Motta

Gestor de negócios

“Administrador com mais de 15 anos de experiência nas áreas de Finanças, e-Commerce e Novos Negócios. Pós Graduado em Administração de Empresas pela Insper. Especializado em Planejamento Estratégico e Financeiro.

Atualmente é membro do Conselho de Administração da Direct Talk.

Possui sólida experiência em e-commerce, sendo responsável pela implementação e gestão do primeiro e-commerce de moda Premium do Brasil (e-closet) e Head de Novos Negócios do site Itaro, modelo inovador no segmento automotivo. Já participou como Palestrante e Mentor do Fórum E-commerce Brasil nas edições de 2012 e 2015.

Foi Diretor Administrativo e Financeiro do Grupo Direct (Direct Talk, DTM, Scup), participando ativamente da consolidação das empresas no mercado de Atendimento a Cliente.
Passagens nas áreas Financeira e Marketing de empresas como Credicard, GE Capital e Banco ibi.

A formação em Administração, junto ao Espírito Empreendedor e habilidades no Relacionamento Comercial, ampliaram significativamente sua visão de negócios ao englobar conhecimentos adquiridos nos mercados Financeiro, Atendimento ao Cliente, E-commerce e Varejo.

Tem experiência consolidada em Planejamento Estratégico, Financeiro e Operacional, além de conhecimento significativo no mercado de TI.

Prancheta 8

Bruna Cordeiro

Gestora de projetos

“Com mais de 20 anos de experiência em produção, organização e gestão de projetos de comunicação e marketing, se tornou especialista em administrar tarefas complexas em projetos especiais com foco em marketing e vendas.”

Tecnóloga em organização de ambientes empresariais de alta complexidade. Com especializações em marketing e produção de eventos.
Significativa experiência em atendimento e relacionamento com clientes, com vivência em ambientes corporativos de multinacionais e grandes empresas, agências de publicidade, comércio e varejo.

Amplo conhecimento nos processos que envolvem a produção e execução de ações de conteúdo digital, e também das ferramentas e tecnologias disponíveis neste mercado.

Gestão de equipe, distribuição de tarefas, alocação, controle de prazos e entregas. Facilidade em lidar e controlar situações diversas e inesperadas e solucionar imprevistos.

Intermediação entre cliente e equipe, elaboração de briefing, levantamento de necessidades, cronogramas e gestão de informações de projetos complexos.

Prancheta 4

Juliana D’Alcantara

Gestora de projetos

“Com mais de 20 anos de experiência em produção, organização e gestão de projetos de comunicação e marketing, se tornou especialista em administrar tarefas complexas em projetos especiais com foco em marketing e vendas.”

Tecnóloga em organização de ambientes empresariais de alta complexidade. Com especializações em marketing e produção de eventos.
Significativa experiência em atendimento e relacionamento com clientes, com vivência em ambientes corporativos de multinacionais e grandes empresas, agências de publicidade, comércio e varejo.

Amplo conhecimento nos processos que envolvem a produção e execução de ações de conteúdo digital, e também das ferramentas e tecnologias disponíveis neste mercado.

Gestão de equipe, distribuição de tarefas, alocação, controle de prazos e entregas. Facilidade em lidar e controlar situações diversas e inesperadas e solucionar imprevistos.

Intermediação entre cliente e equipe, elaboração de briefing, levantamento de necessidades, cronogramas e gestão de informações de projetos complexos.






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